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Lucy and Harry

"The Insanity of Labrador Hair!

Harry at 6 Months

Friday, October 3, 2008

Remember this little cutie?

This is Harry at 7 weeks.

This is Harry today.

He's done gone grown up!
Things to know about Harry

1. He's a Labrador, so he likes food.

2. He enjoys exercise, so he wants more food.

3. He sleeps in the kennel each night with Lucy, so he dreams of food.

4. He knows that 5am is time to wake up, so he expects food for breakfast.

5. He loved puppy pre-school because someone was always giving him food.

6. He continues to be Mama's good boy, so that he can get more food rewards.

7. He's is a skinny male, so he can afford more food.

8. He's learning how to swim - anything to get food!

9. Harry's real name is Henry Bullwinkle Davies - he eats to forget.

10. Harry simply likes to eat.

And, for those of you who don't follow my Daily Bliss site , here's a picture of Lucy.
My wee girl is 17 months old & a whopping, muscular 32kg.

We walk / run miles every day.

Lucy had a heart attack last weekend after she was bitten by a paralysis tick, but she's well again, just not allowed to exercise for a few weeks. She's also restricted with her diet so that she doesn't gain weight while she's not exercising.

Life is tough for a labrador on a diet, believe me!

LOL. I think it's also killing her to watch me and Harry as we leave for our morning walks without her.


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