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Lucy and Harry

"The Insanity of Labrador Hair!

Thoreau in Practice

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Harry is the 'Fearless Freddie' type of pooch. He's into everything and anything, going confidently in the direction of any whim, er ... dream. Today it was ' 1-2-3 jump off the metre high garden wall & bugger-the-consequences!!!' He survived.

My darling Lucy is living a 'mini me' or 'me and my shadow' scenario. She has the look like of a new mother ... kinda nuts. It's Harry, Harry, Harry all the way. Consequently, I cannot get a cuddle no matter how hard I try (The poor darling has no attention span for anyone or anything other than Harry).

Meanwhile, Gypsy is ignoring Harry & Lucy. Her intestines have not come into the equation at all. Both dogs paraded through the laundry door this morning on their way to the kitchen (they were typical Labradors on a quest for food). Harry met Gypsy in the hallway, so promtly waddled back totally unconcerned. Obviously, he's met cats before.

The MOTH & I are living life like an audience on the side ...


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